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The learned author has missed many aspects of Nepalese culture. The so called Virupakshya is described by him as a nobel man. If the author had studied more carefully he would not have missed the third eye indicating that the figure is one of the manifestations of Shiva and not a nobel man.
Tourism in Nepal
Nepal is a tourist's paradise with an infinite variety of interesting things to see and do. Nepal has many things to offer the visitor the flourishing of art and architecture a demonstrated by the temples of Kathmandu Valley, the natural beauties of the soaring peaks of Himalayas including Mountain Everest and others.
Tympnum The Art and Archtecture of Kathmandu Valley
Kathmandu valley is rich in art, architecture , and iconography of the images, the way of life of its people, festivals, panoramic view of the Himalayas and different ethnic groups that live within the parameters of this area.
The Popular Archtecture of Kathmandu Valley.
Newar Style (Pagoda)
Most of the temples of the kathmandu valley, have layers of roofs which is called Newar style. The scholars give many names to Nepalese pagoda: Nepal style, Newar style, multi roofed temple, storied style temple, multi staged temple.
PeacockWindow Wood Carving
Though Kathmandu Valley's wood work with architectural design has spread throughout Nepal but the Valley was its source and its home. Valley is the fine example of the achievements in wood works.
Mahabouddha Shikhara
Shikhara Style temple is also popular in the valley. The Shikhara in Sanskrit means "top of the world" symbolically representing the snow clad mountain peaks and thus in indicates, to a certain extent, the shape of the temple.
Swyambhu Stupa
The stupa mostly covered with white dome is solid from inside and has no way to get in. This is called garva or anda. Some Physical remains of Buddha, or his disciple, or other degnitaries of Buddhist faith would be kept in a golden, silver or copper in the center of the dome.
Pujari matha Mathas
Mathas meaning a hut, also known as cottage, a place where retired people, students, and ascetic people visit, provides some teaching through Brahmans and was popular in India during pre-Christianera.
Tusha_hiti Dhunge Dhara (Hiti)
Dhunge Dhara- Hiti made of stone, is a channelised spout of water serving as tap with a shrine attached. Gaa in the Newari language of the valley means "a deep place" and Hiti means" a spout" or "a water tap".

Nepalese Culture, Society and Tourism
By: Diwas Dhakal

This book is a collection
of essays devoted to the
Nepalese Culture,Society and Tourism. A special
stress on Natural and
cultural Heritage of Nepal has been very carefully emphasised.
© Diwas Dhakal, 2000 ISBN 99933-570-0-6,
First Edition 2000
Published by:
Mukta Dhakl

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