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Kali (The Benevolent Goddess)
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The Symbolism of the Stupa
The Eternal Kumari of Kathmandu Valley
Nepalese Architecture
The Himalayan Art
The learned author has missed many aspects of Nepalese culture. The so called Virupakshya is described by him as a nobel man. If the author had studied more carefully he would not have missed the third eye indicating that the figure is one of the manifestations of Shiva and not a nobel man.
Tourism in Nepal
Nepal is a tourist's paradise with an infinite variety of interesting things to see and do. Nepal has many things to offer the visitor the flourishing of art and architecture a demonstrated by the temples of Kathmandu Valley, the natural beauties of the soaring peaks of Himalayas including Mountain Everest and others.
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A most thrilling adventure to visit this amazing city and have such good company with complete trust and caring for his people and country. No matter what you do. You will always do well and we thank you for your knowledge and advice.

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Thank you for a very interesting afternoon. You are very knowledgeable.

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You are very knowledgable. You teach us lots of things.

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A fountain of knowledge of Nepalese life, religion and culture. My thanks to you.


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Diwas, you are interesting and informative. You are really a good guy and we will wait you in Brazil, a wonderful country like Nepal.


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Diwas I wish to thank you very much for helping me make our second trip to Nepal so very satisfying and interesting. It was ten years that we last visited Nepal and the Kathmandu valley. The experience of that trip made us wish to come back here once again some day. Once again thank and we wish for you only the best in all your endeavors in the years to come.


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Diwas I will tell you honestly and kindly that you are one of the best person I met hopefully. Greetings.

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You are very friendly and honest. You are the best.


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We enjoyed Kathmandu very much. Sometines it was difficult because we have less knowledge about Buddhism and Hinduism. The country is beautiful and the people are very nice and friendly. The people are very happy; however their lifestyle is totally different from ours. We thank you for your enthusiastic explanations.
Andre, Callens, Valere, Storme



We really enjoyed our stay in Kathmandu and we hope to come back soon to discover the wildlife, the jungle, and the mountains. Wishing that this country will remain as it is; with its culture, traditions and friendly people.
Laura & Mareo





Diwas, thank you for sharing your love for the Nepal and culture with us and let us take the beauty of the holy culture.

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Nepalese Culture, Society and Tourism
By: Diwas Dhakal

This book is a collection
of essays devoted to the
Nepalese Culture,Society and Tourism. A special
stress on Natural and
cultural Heritage of Nepal has been very carefully emphasised.
Diwas Dhakal, 2000 ISBN 99933-570-0-6,
First Edition 2000
Published by:
Mukta Dhakl
Read more

Tourism in Nepal: A Critical Analysis

Ghandruk: A Socio-cultural Study

The Aqua Culture of Kathmandu

People, Nature and Wild Life in Makalu - Barun

Purnachandi Bhuja Jatra of Patan: A Protection from Lightening

Vajrayan Buddhism and Nepal

The Accumulate Stupa of Ramagrama

The Stupa of Boudhnath: A World Heritage Site

Pagoda Style Architecture and Nepal

Development of Architecture in Nepal

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